CW19 - Reusable Cup Raffle

Reusable cup
Image by Br3nda. Available at Flickr.

Collaborations Workshop 2019 attendees had the chance to win a £5 Amazon voucher in the first ever Reusable Cup Raffle.


Sorrel Harriet won with

Sorrel with the £5 voucher


All Collaborations Workshop 2019 attendees can participate in the raffle.

How to Participate

  1. Pack your reusable cup with the things you'll bring to Collaborations Workshop 2019.
  2. On your way to Loughborough, take a photo of your reusable cup and tweet about it using the "#CollabW19ReusableCup" hashtag.
    If you don't have Twitter, send us your photo to and write "#CollabW19ReusableCup" in the subject line.
  3. Enjoy refreshments during the event using your reusable cup.


We will drawn the winner tweet during the Wrap up of Day 1. You will need to have your reusable cup with you in order to receive the £5 Amazon voucher prize.


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