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Our next Research Software Camp will focus on exploring various aspects of mental health and wellbeing in research software, including causes of stress in research software, dealing with our inner critic through self-compassion, having difficult conversations, team culture, post-Covid hybrid working, isolation, and more. 

As a long-time programming hobbyist, I have thought that an ability to code well would be quite helpful for my “day job” as an ergonomics/human factors academic – whether in experimental design, data collection and analysis, or the creation of teaching resources. But, while I have tried to learn a few different languages, I have not yet mastered any of them.
While citizen science in a way predates our connected software age it has gained substantial popularity in recent years as software-facilitated citizen science projects can now easily rely on volunteers from all around the world thanks to the internet.


In the latest episode of the Code For Thought podcast Peter Schmidt talks to Ben Goldacre. Ben has an outstanding career in medicine, science and science communication and is the author of many articles and books, like "Bad Science".
We welcome applications from individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds, experience and career stages who want to improve how research software is done in their domains and/or area of work.

SSI Fellow Dave Horsfall is running a short survey that aims to capture a snapshot of mental health within the research software engineering community, and explore the steps that might be taken to improve things.


The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshop series brings together researchers, developers, innovators, managers, funders, publishers, policy makers, leaders and educators to explore best practices and the future of research software.

Our autumn Research Software Camp will take place from 7 to 18 November 2022. This edition will explore the topic of mental health in research with a particular focus on research software. 

"We are in a position to fundamentally reorganise the heart of the software. By doing so, this will enable us to maintain the software into the future and facilitate the process of adding new functionality to the software ... SSI can assist in having software usable by others not just for a few months or a year, but rather for a much longer software lifetime"

- Eric Rexstad, Distance