Tech Writing 101 at Collaborations Workshop 2019

Posted by s.aragon on 13 December 2018 - 9:28am
Image (with modifications) by Write the Docs

By Raniere Silva, Community Officer, Software Sustainability Institute.

We are delighted to announce that Sarah Maddox and Sharif Salah will be running a session called "Tech Writing 101" at the Collaborations Workshop 2019. This is a unique opportunity for researchers, developers and other professionals to learn best practices from the tech writing community and improve the sustainability of their projects.

Sarah and Sharif are technical writers at Google. Sarah ran this 101 workshop at Write The Docs Australia 2018. Other Google writers have run the workshop at SREcon Europe 2017,  SREcon Americas 2018, where it was very well received – people said they came away with useful skills. This session will be a two-hour workshop on the principles and techniques of technical writing. You will be able to apply what you learn independent of any specific documentation or training tools.

Tech Writing 101 will take place on Monday 1st April 2019 from 15:50 until 17:50.

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More about Tech Writing 101

Operations manuals, design docs, code comments, email messages, post-mortems. Writing things down for others is unavoidable in the life of a researcher, an engineer, a UX designer, a product manager, and, of course, a tech writer.

This workshop leads attendees through a series of pair-work exercises to improve the clarity, readability, and effectiveness of their writing. Attendees will learn from an experienced Google technical writer and from each other.


Image (with modifications) by Sarah Maddox.

About Sarah

Sarah is also a blog and fiction writer. You'll often find her strolling around the Australian bush, head tilted upwards to spot a bird while at the same time dodging spiders and snakes. As a writer, Sarah strives for words that pack a punch. Speaking of which, check out Sarah’s recent creation: a fictional action hero named Trilby Trench, who lives by the mantra that tech writers aren’t as harmless as they seem.

About Sharif

Sharif works as a technical writer in the Developer Relations team at Google, where he writes public-facing, internal, and open-source documentation. He also frequently facilitates technical writing courses for software engineers. In a previous role, Sharif worked as a program manager, developing training materials for developers. Prior to joining Google, Sharif delivered training and developed content for courses aimed at cloud admins, data scientists, and developers.

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