Shining Light into Black Boxes, published recently in Science, argues that not publishing source code is creating a world in which research is produced by 'black boxes'. This practice is contrary to any research that aims to be open and reproducible.

Opening the black boxes to public scrutiny will require 'concerted policy action by funding agencies and journal publishers, as well as changes in the way research institutions receiving public funds manage…

There are only five places left at the Collaborations Workshop and registration closes tomorrow (9 March)!

Almost 40 different research organisations and a wide range of researchers and software developers are coming together to discuss some of the main issues affecting research and software.

It's unlikely that places will be available for long after this announcement is made, so if you want to take part in the workshop, you'll have to register soon!

University distributed CSE (dCSE) support is an award to support scientific software development to help facilitate UK scientific research. Awards are given to employ specialist help for improving an existing scientific code so that it can make better use of the capabilities of the computing facilities located at regional or university level.

Over two-thirds of the places for the Collaborations Workshop have been taken. If you want to attend, you'll need to register soon!

By Mike Jackson.

The Institute was invited to this year’s Dev8D to run a sustainability session. On 14 February I took the train to London to attend this popular developer-centric event, which is funded by the JISC via DevCSI and held at the University of London Union. Feel free to read my trip report which describes how our sustainability session went, the sessions I attended, the software I played with and suggestions for things the Institute could do to.

The JISC has appointed Sero Consulting Ltd to undertake a review of the National Grid Service (NGS) to assess the business options for sustainable services. The review, which will report in mid-February, will support the development of a business model and will determine in what areas the NGS may have to change to meet expectations of researchers and other stakeholders.

The Collaborations Workshop gets researchers and software developers working together to solve research problems. If you’re a researcher who wants to make more of software, or a developer who wants to work with researchers, the workshop is the perfect opportunity to meet new collaborators.

The Collaborations Workshop will be held on 21-22 March at Queen’s College, Oxford.

Registration is now open.

For more information, visit the…

IWSG-Life'12 (23-25 May 2012) will bring together scientists from the field of life sciences, bioinformatics and computer science. The aim is to exchange experience, formulate ideas and introduce up-to-date technological advances in molecular and systems biology in the context of Science Gateways.

The paper submission deadline has now been extended to 30 January 2012.

Visit the conference website.