The Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding starts today!

Posted by s.aragon on 16 May 2022 - 9:00am
RS Camp live sessions map
Research Software Camp: Next Steps into Coding map
By Steve Crouch.

Welcome to the Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding!

From today (16 May) until the 27 May 2022, we'll focus on improving computational and training skills and exploring existing resources out there. 

View our full programme and what sessions to attend.

The Camp is hosted online over the course of two weeks, and it’s completely free to access. If you’re a researcher who uses software in research, and have only started coding, you know how to code but would like to learn more, or have no idea where to begin, the sessions and resources at the Camp are for you!

Week 1 (16 - 20 May) will see the main session (the Panel Discussion: Research software career paths and training needs) of the RS Camp take place today, Monday 16 May 2022, from 2-3pm BST. You can watch our panellists talk about their career paths and make sure to sign up for the event if you have any questions to ask them. 

We’re also running a few workshops this week. We still have some places left for some of them, but make sure to sign up soon!

Our mentorship programme will also launch today at 10 am BST. We’re excited to welcome the new cohort of mentees and introduce them to their mentors! The mentorship will last for 10 weeks and we’re keen to hear about everyone’s experience of their coding journey.

If you have questions related to the Camp, you can contact us by email or use the #RSCamps hashtag on Twitter.

We’re looking forward to your engagement and participation!

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