New Hidden REF article in Times Higher Education

Posted by s.aragon on 3 August 2023 - 8:37am
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Photo by Stefan Steinbauer.

A new article in the Times Higher Education highlights that "the vast majority of current research would not be possible without a group of people who provide a diverse range of vital skills – both those that are REFable and those that are hidden by the current evaluation regime." 

In the article "UK HEIs must embrace the REF’s invitation to improve research culture", you can read why the Hidden REF movement is pushing for change and how it's already made a difference.

Read the full article at the Times Higher Education website. Note that a free subscription is required.  

About Hidden REF

The Hidden REF is a campaign to recognise all research outputs and every role that makes research possible. It began with a competition held in 2021 which showcased the diversity of research outputs in UK research, and the incredible people who work in hidden roles – from librarians to technicians, research software engineers to research administrators and managers – making vital-but-unrecognised contributions to research.




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