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Latest version published on 22 November, 2019.

Image on Unsplash by @brookecagle

By Bérénice Batut, Malvika Sharan, Emmy Tsang, and Yo Yehudi

This blog post first appeared on the Open Bioinformatics Foundation blog. 

Quantitative Ecology Hackathon

Latest version published on 19 November, 2019.

By Jessica Ward The BES Quantitative Ecology special interest group and the Citizen Science special interest group came together for a hackathon with the aim of tackling challenges that could couple socio-demographic and environmental data. Bringing together ecologists from institutions across the length and breadth of the UK it was an excellent opportunity to meet fellow coders working across the field of ecology.

Reflections on the Open Science Fair 2019

Latest version published on 18 November, 2019.

By Rachael Ainsworth, Community Manager and Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute The Open Science Fair 2019 took place 16-18 September in Porto, Portugal with a focus on synergies for sustainable, open and responsible research.

Maintainers III: Infrastructure and climate

Latest version published on 15 November, 2019.

By Dr Laura James, Software Sustainability Institute Fellow How do you know when something is infrastructure? If there's someone on call at 3am to fix it when it breaks, it's infrastructure.

Maintainers III: labour

Latest version published on 15 November, 2019.

By Dr Laura James, Software Sustainability Institute Fellow Labour was a theme cutting across sessions at Maintainers III.

Maintenance in 2019

Latest version published on 15 November, 2019.

By Dr Laura James, Software Sustainability Institute Fellow It’s been two weeks of intensive thinking about maintenance. First we held the second Festival of Maintenance in Liverpool on the 28th September; then I travelled to Washington DC for Maintainers III.

A glossary of terms for research software engineering

Latest version published on 14 November, 2019.

Vanessa Villamia Sochat, an engineer for the Stanford Research Computing Center, has begun creating a glossary of terms just for research software engineering...


Using the Cloud for Research Software Engineering

Latest version published on 5 November, 2019.

By Mark Woodbridge, Research Software Engineering Team Lead, Imperial College London We previously described three RSE-related use cases for Microsoft’s Azure platform, ranging in deployment granularity from VMs to individual JavaScript functions. In this post we’ll explain further how we use those and other Azure services to complement our on-premise infrastructure – helping us to deliver our RSE projects faster.

Bloodsuckers, banshees and brains: a bestiary of scary software projects and how to banish them

Latest version published on 31 October, 2019.

With All Hallows Eve upon us once more, as the souls of the dead come to haunt us, it’s time to recount terrifying tales and scary stories… about software. You might think that research software is safe from such gruesome goings-on but you would be wrong, for there are many undead projects out to devour us.

WhatsApp Scraping

Latest version published on 21 October, 2019.

When researchers Drs Gary Motteram, Susan Dawson and Amanda Banks Gatenby from the School of Environment, Education and Development wanted to run analysis on WhatsApp messages, they came to Research IT for help.