Sammie Buzzard

By Sammie Buzzard, Software Sustainability Institute Fellow Organised in collaboration with the UK Polar Network and the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM) UCL, more than 20 early career polar scientists were given the opportunity to improve their software skills during an interactive workshop. As with many scientific disciplines within polar sciences, we have our software heroes with the open source code stored in GitHub, and we have those who would never dream of sharing their code. There are, however, many who would like to fit into the first category and to be more open…

By Andrew Walker, Sam Mangham, Robert Maftei, Adam Jackson, Becky Arnold, Sammie Buzzards, and Eike Mueller

This post is part of the Collaborations Workshops 2018 speed blogging series.

By Sammie Buzzard, University College London; Martin Donnelly, University of Edinburgh.

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