Robyn Grant

To celebrate the Institute's 10 year anniversary, Dr Robyn Grant (Fellow 2013-14) shares 10 things they have learned from the Institute.
By Robyn Grant, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Physiology & Behaviour, Manchester Metropolitan University. I was inspired to apply for the Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship Programme in 2014 when I saw that it was not just for software developers, but software users too. I am a biologist, working on animal sensing and movement, and have spent quite a lot of my time working with programmers to develop software that can track my high-speed videos of animals moving in complex ways.

By Robyn Grant, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Software Sustainability Fellow.

By Dr Robyn Grant, Lecturer in Comparative Physiology and Behaviour at Manchester Metropolitan University.

In the neurosciences, we produce tons of data, in many different forms – images, electrophysiology and video, to name but a few. If we are really going to work together to answer big picture questions about the brain, then the different data types really need to start interacting and building on information from each other. I understand this, however, it is quite complex in practice, and begs questions in how best to specify data types, annotations and formats to make…

By Dr Robyn A Grant, Lecturer in Comparative Physiology and Behaviour at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I have mixed opinions about open-access publishing. Finding the money to cover open-access publishing is not easy, especially for early career researchers during this transitionary period as open access becomes the norm. Despite the costs, I really believe in open-access publishing. We want our science to be read, surely! Especially in this interdisciplinary era, it is important for non-academic stakeholders (such as patients, consultants, managers, developers, etc.) to have…

By Robyn A Grant, Lecturer in Environmental Physiology and Behaviour,  Manchester Metropolitan University.

I was lucky enough to attend the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Meeting this year in Washington DC. A collection of over 30,000 neuroscientists met to discuss exciting new research findings, along with ethical and scientific issues in the neurosciences. One such discussion occurred on a Sunday morning session entitled Enhancing Reproducibility of Neuroscience Studies. It was a symposium chaired by Story Landis (past Director of NINDS) and Thomas Insel (Director of…

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