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With in-person events set to return, Dr Robin Wilson shares his experiences of attending conferences with a wheelchair and suggests how to make events more accessible.

By Robin Wilson, Geography and Environment & Institute for Complex Systems Simulation, University of Southampton.

This is the third in a series of articles by the Institute's Fellows, each covering an area of interest that relates directly both to their own work and the wider issue of software's role in research.

1. What is remote sensing?

Remote sensing broadly refers to the acquisition of information about an object remotely (that is, with no physical contact). The academic field of remote sensing, however, is generally focused on acquiring…

By Oliva Guest, University of Oxford, Robin Wilson, University of Southampton, Martin Jones, Python for biologists and Craig MacLachlan, Met Office Hadley Centre.

A speed blog from the Collaborations Workshop 2016 (CW16).

Why are sustainable software practices difficult to teach?

Programming is a difficult thing to learn for students who have not been exposed to it before. However, for general programming there are at least some factors that help to make it easier. Feedback is generally very rapid; after writing and running a piece of code, students can see the…

By Robin Wilson, Researcher, University of Southampton.

As a Fellow of the Software Sustainability Institute in 2013, I attended the Collaborations Workshop 2013. To be honest, I did so rather reluctantly: I was in a very busy stage of my PhD at the time, and although it was seemed like a reasonable way to spend a few days, I felt that it was unlikely to produce anything of direct benefit to me. I couldn't have been more wrong.

In the first session at that year's workshop I met someone from the IT as a Utility Network+ and showed off a proof of concept instrument…

PhD Candidate, Geography and Environment & Institute for Complex Systems Simulation, University of Southampton


Extracting quantitative data from satellite images, atmospheric correction of satellite data, open-source software in GIS and Remote Sensing, reproducible research


My research focuses on quantitative remote sensing: that is, extracting quantitative measurements in real-world units from satellite images. I am interested in the whole process, from original data collection, through pre-processing, processing and creation of output…

By Robin Wilson, Fellow and postgraduate at the University of Southampton.

Put a plaintext file named CITATION in the root directory of your code, and put information in it about how to cite your software. Go on, do it now: it’ll only take two minutes!

Software is very important in science – but good software takes time and effort that could be used to do other work instead. I believe that it is important to do this work, but to make it worthwhile, people…

By Robin Wilson, Fellow and postgraduate at the University of Southampton. Reposted from Robin's Blog.

This is a first of a number of posts based upon discussions I had while at the Collaborations Workshop 2013 (#CollabW13 on Twitter) in Oxford last week. During one of the sessions I described a simple technique that I try and use to increase the sustainability, reproducibility and releasability of code that I write, data I collect and the results of my work…

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