Oliver Laslett

By Swithun Crowe, University of St Andrews, Mike Jackson, Software Sustainability Institute, Karen Porter, University of Oxford, Neil Chue Hong, Software Sustainability Institute, Mayeul d' Avezac, UCL, and Oliver Laslett, University of Southampton.

A speed blog from the Collaborations Workshop 2016 (CW16).

The communities affected by a piece of software are many and varied. There will be some who care about each bowel movement in the code, and others who really just want to know what needs to be put in and what comes out. This blog post describes four different communities…

By Oliver Laslett, SSI Fellow and PhD Candidate at the University of Southampton.

Nearly 12,000 keen people visited the exhibition floor of Supercomputing 2015, among the flashing LEDs and towering racks of computers, it was easy to feel that you are experiencing computation at its physical limits; a world of highly optimised hardware and software built for maximum performance. Yet it was obvious that Python, the most popular language for teaching introductory programming, has become an integrated component of the HPC stack.

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