Nick Pearce

Teaching Fellow, The Foundation Centre, Durham University


Social Media, Digital Scholarship, e-learning, Sociology, Critical Theory, Anthropology.

By Nick Pearce, Teaching Fellow at the Foundation Centre, Durham University.

There is little doubt that social networks can be useful for sharing information, gossip and online resources. Despite the dominance of Facebook there are a range of alternatives out there, each with a unique selling point and target market. In January I carried out an audit of my social network presence and counted seven different networks, and since then I’ve added a Pinterest account which I’m using in my teaching. Is it really necessary to have so many different profiles? What are the challenges in…

By Nick Pearce, Teaching Fellow at the Foundation Centre, Durham University.

If you are just starting out with Twitter it is easy to wonder whether it is worth the effort and time. When you create an account, you are at your lowest point: Tweets 1 (hello world!) following 1 (Stephen Fry) followers 0 (why hasn’t he reciprocated?). It would be easy to stare at your profile and wonder if it is worthwhile investing the effort in building up a network. Other blog posts have discussed the nuts and bolts of getting started on twitter, but I wanted to write a few words about the value…

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