Joanna Leng

By Ben Krikler (editor), Shoaib Sufi, Radovan Bast and Jo Leng
By Adam Jackson, Dav Clarke, Becky Arnold, Ben Krikler, Joanna Leng. This post is part of the CW19 speed blog posts series. At the Software Sustainability Institute’s 2019 Collaborations Workshop, many discussions for the speed-blogging session focused on deposit of relatively fixed data and analysis code.

By Joanna Leng, independent computational scientist.

I was recently thinking about Java accreditation, but a friend suggested that I should learn Scala instead. I did a quick web search and found that Scala was more compact than Java (it required fewer lines of code to produce the same outcome) and that Scala programmers tend to be paid more than Java programmers. So when I saw a talk called Scala kickstart I decided to give it a go.

The talk was given by Jan Machacek from Cake Solutions (the slides are also available). So what is Scala?

It is a fusion…
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