Gergana Daskalova

Gergana Daskalova reflects on the lessons learned from moving Coding Club sessions online.
We are please to announce that SSI Fellow Gergana Daskalova has received a Schmidt Science Fellowship.
In the new academic year, Coding Club is moving online and anyone can participate remotely in the workshops which will be held over Zoom.
Figures are a powerful way to tell a story with data. When artfully made, a figure can set the scene, like the first pages of a book, grab your attention and lure you in to find out more. It can surprise you or confirm what you’ve suspected all along, and finally, leave you with a new piece of knowledge.
By Software Sustainability Institute Fellow Gergana Daskalova, University of Edinburgh
By Gergana Daskalova and Isla Myers-Smith, University of Edinburgh. Coding Club combines online and in-person resources to help teach quantitative skills to people at all career stages working inside and outside academia. Coding Club is focused on trying to overcome "code fear" and "statistics anxiety".
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