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Last year, the first Genomics course was delivered, and Community Manager and FAIR coordinator, Evelyn Greeves, blogged about what we learned which included dividing the course into Prenomics and Genomics. Now Evelyn is back with another blog on how that went.
On the 10th anniversary of Research Software Engineering being recognised as a role within the research sphere, we pose the question: is there enough awareness of this role when granting applications are developed and costed?
Cloud-SPAN aims to upskill bioscience researchers in the specialised analyses for Environmental Biotechnology with Cloud-based High Performance Computing. Community Manager and FAIR coordinator, Evelyn Greeves writes about the learnings from the first Genomics course.
Do you need to analyse more genomic data than your own computer can handle? If you would like to use High Performance Computing for genomics but don't know where to start then the Cloud-SPAN Genomics Course is for you!
What does a Research Software Engineer (RSE) who uses R do? How can we promote RSE career paths? How can we identify and highlight which funders are most research software friendly? How can we increase visibility of RSEs in the R community? Could we develop a podcast on ‘meet the R-engineers’ or collaborate with an existing R podcast? What should a book “Research Software Engineering with R” contain? How do we develop an RSE for R users community?
There will be an Incubator Session on “The role of the R community in the RSE movement” at the useR! 2021 R conference on Tuesday 6 July 1700-1800 BST. 
SSI Fellow Emma Rand discusses the analytics training programme she runs for PhD students, covering the rationale behind the course design, and the experience level and current tool preferences of participants.
Recordings of a workshop which introduces researchers to R are available online.
Institute Fellow Emma Rand wins a National Teaching Fellowship for outstanding teaching.

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