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UNIVERSE-HPC has organised a free talk titled Structure and delivery format for Online HPC courses, which will take place online and at the Bayes Centre, University of Edinburgh, on Monday, 9 October 2023.

In this latest Code For Thought episode, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt meets with Morane Gruenpeter and Benoît Chauvet from Software Heritage. Software Heritage aims to help preserve and archive software, not only for research but also for the private sector. 

SSI Fellows Loïc Lannelongue and Lincoln Colling are among the organisers of the first Environmental Impacts of Computing in Health & Life Sciences Research Workshop, a free hybrid event which will take place on Tuesday 7 November online and in London at the Wellcome Trust.

Cloud-SPAN will host a free course on metagenomics from Monday 6, until Friday 24 November 2023. The course is aimed at environmental scientists who would like to use high performance computing for metagenomics analysis or anyone interested in metagenomics. No previous experience of the command line or HPC is required.

Despite the fact that Fortran has been around since the 1950s, it remains a very relevant programming language today and has an active community of keen engineers. In this latest episode of Code For Thought SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt discusses the origins of Fortran, how to deal with legacy (Fortran 77), how the language evolved and the modern day use cases of Fortran. In the course of the episode, you'll hear from Thomas Clune (NASA, US), Wim Vanderbauwhede (Uni. Glasgow, UK), Milan Curcic (Uni. of Miami, US) and Ondrej Certik (GSI Technologies, US). 

The deadline to submit your application to join the 2023 cohort of the rOpenSci Champions Program is Monday 4 September.

Our Research Software Camp: FAIR software ran from 19 to 30 June 2023. Over the course of two weeks, we hosted talks and workshops which aimed to teach introductory skills, empower researchers with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop and maintain software and provide guidance and resources around the topic of FAIR software.

In this latest episode of Code For Thought, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt speaks with Teresa Gomez-Diaz from Université Paris Gustav-Eiffel, east of Paris, France. For a long time Teresa has been promoting Open Science and last year she talked on this show about the need for licences in research software.

In this episode of Code For Thought, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt talks with data scientist and entrepreneur Nick Radcliffe about the importance of testing your data. Test driven development is a familiar concept to research software engineers. Test driven data analysis puts the same emphasis on validating and testing data for your AI app. They also dive into the Python library of the same name, tdda.

In this latest episode of Code For Thought, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt speaks with UK RSE Conference organising committee members Sam Mangham and Ed Bennett. The conversation sheds light on what happens behind the scenes and what it takes to organise and run a conference. It also explores how participants can contribute to the success of this UK RSE Conference and future events.

RSECon23 takes place on the campus of Swansea University, UK and runs from 5-7 September. There are satellite events on Monday 4 and Friday 8 September.

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