Simon Hettrick

Deputy Director
Simon Hettrick

Deputy Director and Policy Lead

Professor Simon Hettrick is responsible for the Institute's policy research and campaigning. He received his Masters degree in laser physics at Heriot-Watt University, and doctorate at the University of Southampton. Prior to his current position, he worked in patent law and lead communications for OMII-UK.

Simon works with stakeholders from across the research community to develop policies that support research software, the people who develop that software and the researchers who rely on it. Simon's research focusses on the research software community with the aim of understanding the practices and demographics of this important community.

He is also responsible for the Institute's communications strategy and provides editorial oversight of the Institute's press and online presence.

Simon was the founding chair of the UK's community of Research Software Engineers and is a passionate advocate of software career paths in academia. 

Before working at the Institute, Simon researched new types of compact and efficient lasers for use in a wide range of fields, including spectroscopy, medicine and materials processing.

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