Videos of the lightning talks


The following videos were recorded during the lightning talks session at the Collaborations Workshop 2011. A pdf version of the slides is available on the materials page.

The following series of videos is not comprehensive, because we could not gain permission to distribute all of the videos we recorded.

Steve Lee - 'It's about people not tools'


Kevin Ashley - 'On Cloud 9 - are we feeling fine?'


Judith Segal - 'Culture clashes between developers and scientists'


Jiten Bhagat - 'Taverna, BioCatalogue & myExperiment: A Trifecta Amidst a Treasure Trove of Tools'


David Worth - 'The Software Engineering Support Programme and CCPForge'


Ian Dunlop - 'Does your software look like this?'


Brian Matthews - 'Why software preservation is important for Science'


Luis Figueira - ' Sustainable Software for Audio and Music Research'


John Brooke - 'Programmability and software re-use for evolving architectures'


Steve McGough - 'e-Science Central - providing a web interface to many tools for collaborative research'


Muriel Mewissen - 'Conquering the Post-Genomic Data Deluge with SPRINT'


Rob Allan - 'Computational science and engineering deptartment at STFC'


Hugh Glaser - 'Services you might want to use'


Aaron Turner - ''

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