On March 27, FAIR-IMPACT will host a webinar to introduce potential applicants and other interested parties to the open call and provide details about the two support actions on offer.
This week's episode of Code For Thought launches the German language version of the podcast and what better way to do so than to report from the German RSE association annual conference? Peter Schmidt was among the 150 participants to gather at the Heinz Nixdorf Center in Paderborn between 20 - 22 February 2023 to attend the first conference of its kind in over four years.
Over the years, the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) has produced many guides and reports which have supported the development of digital preservation tools and standards, as well as the professional community engaged in digital preservation. As part of its program of translations, which aims to provide better access to digital preservation support for the practitioners who need it, wherever they are in the world, the DPC has recently released the German translation of Core requirements for a digital preservation system.
Cloud-SPAN will host a free course on metagenomics from Tuesday 11, until Friday 21 April 2023. Metagenomics explores all the genetic material in an environmental sample and can be used to characterise the taxonomic characteristics of microbial communities. 
SSI Fellow Ginestra Ferraro is conducting a survey to gather information, understand expectations, and evaluate the current state of UI/UX design in the Digital Humanities and the wider RSE community.
The latest Code For Thought episode is the fifth in the ByteSized RSE mini-series and tackles Lint and static code analysis
The "Report on the AHRC Digital/Software Requirements Survey 2021" is now available.
An opportunity has arisen for a Computational Software Scientist to join the Theoretical and Computational Physics Group based in the Scientific Computing Department (SCD), which is part of UKRI.
As part of our next Research Software Camp (RSC), we will be running a free Learning to Code mentorship programme from 24 April to 26 June 2023. The programme is aimed at beginners who are new to coding or have no experience in coding in academia. 
The Software Sustainability Institute is looking for volunteers for our next Research Software Camp to mentor beginners who code in academia as part of its mentorship programme.
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