Congratulations to SSI Fellow Malvika Sharan for being named a Jisc Community Champion!
Meet Software Sustainability Institute 2022 Fellows James Byrne and Tom Russell in the latest episode of the Code For Thought podcast.
Within the digital preservation community, the term computational access is popping up more and more frequently. It is often linked to other terms such as artificial intelligence, data mining and deep neural networks. However, there is often little understanding of what these terms actually mean and how they relate to each other.
Meet Software Sustainability Institute 2022 Fellow Connah Kendrick as he talks about his plans for his fellowship relating to digitising museum artefacts in the latest episode of the Code for Thought podcast.
There are many reasons to do regular code reviews. One of them is improving the readability of your code. Source code is often the only documentation available for research software, and readability is, therefore, key to anyone trying to reproduce or build upon your research. Would you ever publish a paper without any feedback on its draft?
The University of Cambridge is partnering with Schmidt Futures to deliver a new Institute of Computing for Climate Science which will be co-directed by SSI Fellow Dominic Orchard.
SSI Fellows Dominik Krzemiński, Thibault Lestang and Valerio Maggio are running a Code Review Workshop on Thursday 10 February for academics to learn how to perform good code reviews.
SSI Fellow Matthew Bluteau reviews ICCS 2021 and SeptembRSE.
SSI Fellow Dave Horsfall talks about his work to improve the mental health landscape for Research Software Engineers.
There are still many academic disciplines that are on the periphery of activities related to open and sustainable research. Archaeology is making some steps in this direction but there is still a long way to go. As part of her SSI Fellowship, Emma Karoune is tackling this skills gap by organising Open Science Skills Workshops.
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