SSI fellow Leonardo Uieda shares his experience bringing together UK geoscientists who code for “Geo+Code”, a 1-day event in Liverpool.
SSI Fellow James Byrne reflects on and recaps his experience at Collaborations Workshop 2023.
SSI Fellow Kim Martin reflects on her experience discovering RSE, becoming an SSI fellow, presenting at RSECon22, and starting an RSE group in South Africa.
We are happy to share that SSI Fellow Sammie Buzzard has been awarded the IGS Early Career Scientist Award for the year 2022.
SSI Fellow Luke Abraham, National Centre for Atmospheric Science and University of Cambridge, speaks about the benefits of in-person training and his experience organising a course on the United Kingdom Chemistry and Aerosols model in December 2022 at the Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry’s Computer Lab.
SSI Fellow Jesper Dramsch speaks up about their experience hosting a workshop on Reproducibility for Machine Learning in Science at Pydata Global.
SSI Fellow Ginestra Ferraro is conducting a survey to gather information, understand expectations, and evaluate the current state of UI/UX design in the Digital Humanities and the wider RSE community.
SSI Fellow Jesper Dramsch have put together a tutorial to help scientists apply ML.
The Software Sustainability Institute 2023 Fellows Inaugural Meeting was held on Wednesday 1 February and offered an opportunity for the Fellows to introduce themselves, network with each other and the staff, explore potential collaboration pathways, and ask questions. 
SSI Fellow and professor of Computer Graphics Technology at Purdue University Northwest Magesh Chandramouli has recently published 3D Modeling & Animation: A Primer.
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