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In this latest Code For Thought episode, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt meets with Morane Gruenpeter and Benoît Chauvet from Software Heritage. Software Heritage aims to help preserve and archive software, not only for research but also for the private sector. 

Despite the fact that Fortran has been around since the 1950s, it remains a very relevant programming language today and has an active community of keen engineers. In this latest episode of Code For Thought SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt discusses the origins of Fortran, how to deal with legacy (Fortran 77), how the language evolved and the modern day use cases of Fortran. In the course of the episode, you'll hear from Thomas Clune (NASA, US), Wim Vanderbauwhede (Uni. Glasgow, UK), Milan Curcic (Uni. of Miami, US) and Ondrej Certik (GSI Technologies, US). 

In this latest episode of Code For Thought, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt speaks with Teresa Gomez-Diaz from Université Paris Gustav-Eiffel, east of Paris, France. For a long time Teresa has been promoting Open Science and last year she talked on this show about the need for licences in research software.

In this episode of Code For Thought, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt talks with data scientist and entrepreneur Nick Radcliffe about the importance of testing your data. Test driven development is a familiar concept to research software engineers. Test driven data analysis puts the same emphasis on validating and testing data for your AI app. They also dive into the Python library of the same name, tdda.

In the latest Code For Though episode, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt speaks about his experience at JupyterCon 2023, the conference on all things Jupyter which was held in Paris between 10-12 May 2023, followed by 2 days of hands-on "sprints". 

Jupyter is a very popular open source platform with tools such as Jupyter notebook/lab and driven by a very active community. There were a number of excellent talks on a range of different subjects. Peter had the opportunity to speak with several people: 

The last episode of Code For Thought in the ByteSized RSE season discusses README file. Peter Schmidt meets with Julian Lenz from the University of Swansea, who takes us through the importance of READMEs, what should go into them and at what stage should they be created. 

In this latest episode of Code For Thought, SSI Fellow Peter Schmidt meets with Oliver Brown from the Edinburgh Parallel Computer Centre (EPCC), where he leads a quantum applications group, to discuss Quantum Computing and try to look behind the hype around it.

In this episode of Code For Thought, Peter Schmidt meets with Saranjeet Kaur and Jyoti Boghal to discuss how RSE communities are built and their experience setting up the RSE Asia network.

In this ByteSized RSE episode of Code For Thought Peter Schmidt speaks with Raniere Silva from Gesis at the Leibniz Institute in Germany. The topic is GIT, where it comes from, the reasons behind its name, and the great features it comes with. In particular, they focus on how to deal with and avoid merge conflicts, branching patterns and features such as stash and cherrypick. 

In this latest episode of Code For Thought Peter Schmidt meets with Graham Lee at the RSE conference in Newcastle, UK. Graham, who is investigating research software engineering for his PhD, was presenting his work at the conference in the form of an "inverted" talk (i.e. driven by the audience). After his presentation they talked about his thesis and questions such as: is RSE actually a distinct role/discipline and what the future might hold.

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