What are The Carpentries?

3362772863_55b9809c4c_z.jpgThe Carpentries (a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives) was formed in January 2018 by formally merging Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry. The Carpentries teach researchers the essential computing and data skills needed to do computational or data-intensive research and exist because this type of training is not part of basic research training in most research disciplines, or is pitched at the wrong level wrong level, is not researcher-centric or is hard to access.

The Carpentries work to help institutions and individuals improve and spread skills for data analysis, computational thinking and research software development through building local and global communities of practice - consisting of volunteer instructors, trainers, maintainers, helpers, and supporters who all share a mission to teach scientists best practices in writing clean, robust, readable and reusable code.

Based on the success and model of Software and Data Carpentry, many more new Carpentries are now emerging and joining the global Carpentry community - for example, Library Carpentry, Data Carpentry for Social Sciences, Data Carpentry for Digital Humanities, HPC Carpentry, and many more. They are all coming together under the umbrella of The Carpentries but remain distinct lessons organisations.

The Carpentries workshops are taught by trained, peer, volunteer instructors. Instructors typically complete the Instructor Training programme, which teaches instructional pedagogy as well as the practicalities of teaching a Carpentries workshop. Instructor training is based around how people learn and how best and most effectively to teach them (the training is based on the enormous amount and hundred years of research into pedagogy and educational psychology and its translation into common classroom practice, especially at the university level).

How to get involved

You can have a look at various ways you can get involved, contribute or to join the community directly at The Carpentries website. Various resources about how the community operates and a good explanation of all things Carpentries are available through The Carpentries Handbook.