Carpentry Programmes

The Carpentries teach computing and data skills to researchers across all disciplines, allowing them to undertake computational or data-intensive research that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. Most research areas don’t teach these skills as part of basic research training, but they are essential for much of the research work being done today.

Researchers learn to develop software that allows reproducible, reusable research, and also to understand the benefits of open development, sharing and collaborating with a community. 

Currently, there are 3 distinct Lesson Programmes within The Carpentries:

What we can offer

The Software Sustainability Institute is an official partner of The Carpentries and coordinates activities in the UK. We help organise and run workshops, and nurture the UK community by bringing in and training new instructors and members. We also work with new partnering institutions setting up Carpentry programmes, with Centres for Doctoral Training and individual researchers who want to bring programmes to their institutions and communities. 

We can provide advice on publicity and all aspects of organising and hosting a workshop, as well as instructor training

For more on workshops, please see: 

There are real benefits for instructors getting involved in teaching computational research skills, and for institutions who allow staff to work with communities such as The Carpentries.

For more information about our collaboration with The Carpentries or organising a Carpentry workshop in the UK, email us

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