Panel discussion: Managing stress in research software

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As part of the Research Software Camp: Supporting Mental Health, the Panel Discussion: Managing stress in research software will take place on Monday 7th November 2022 (13:00-14:30 GMT). This free online session aims to raise awareness of mental health in a safe and non-judgemental online environment.

Registrations have closed now. 

The panel chair is Dave Horsfall, Research Software Engineer and mental health advocate.

Our panellists are: 

Watch their introductions on YouTube.


Our panellists will share their experiences and expertise on managing workload and stress, self-compassion, embracing their inner critic (e.g. dealing with imposter syndrome), context shifting when handling multiple projects, and isolation (hybrid or remote working), and how all of these can impact career development and progression.

Our goal is to present as many views and experiences as we can so that the audience finds this Panel enriching and eye-opening, as well as to provide a starting place for people to explore their own approach to wellbeing and mental health in research software settings, and perhaps initiate conversations with their own colleagues and groups.

The audience will be able to submit questions in advance. These will be curated by the Research Software Camp organising committee and the panellists.

Who is this session for?

We welcome anyone who is interested in the topic of mental health in research software. More specifically the discussion will be aimed at research software engineers, researchers who write software as part of their research, researchers that directly or indirectly work with research software (e.g. Research Group Leads), and Community Managers.

The discussion will be hosted on Zoom. Details of the call will be sent a week in advance.

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