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Posted by j.laird on 28 March 2022 - 12:15pm
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Are you new to coding in academia and looking to improve your skills? Take part in our Learning to Code mentorship programme!

Our upcoming Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding will run from 16 to 27 May 2022, focussing on improving computational and training skills and exploring existing resources out there.

As part of the Camp we will be running a free Learning to Code mentorship programme which is aimed at beginners who are new to coding or have no experience of coding in academia and will run from 16 May to 22 July

Why take part?

The aims of the mentorship are to improve the coding skills of beginner learners and provide hands-on help and support post-training to develop specific computational skills. Expert mentors will provide one-to-one support over 10 weeks to help researchers who are new to coding in academia develop their computational skills. 

If you’ve been trying to learn a new programming language but feel stuck, the mentorship programme is for you. A previous mentee said: 

“I was keen to have a mentor for two reasons: to ask questions and for accountability… Having a mentor to check up on my progress and having a date in my calendar as a point when I needed to complete a task has really helped me to progress.” - Emma Karoune

What to expect

After signing up, we aim to be in touch with successful candidates towards the end of April. We will hold a launch event on Monday 16 May to introduce the programme and pair mentees with mentors according to their language or tools of interest. They will then meet for up to one hour a week until 22 July, receiving advice on their project from an experienced mentor.

At the end of the programme, we ask mentees to submit a short blog post about their project or their mentorship experience.

Sign up to take part

Are you a Research Software Engineer (even if that’s not your job title) interested in becoming a mentor? Find out more and sign up to become a mentor.

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