Join the rOpenSci community call on their statistical software review project

Posted by j.laird on 22 February 2021 - 2:00pm

rOpenSci logorOpenSci are hosting the first in a series of community calls on their statistical software review project Tuesday 2 March at 17:00 UTC.

All are welcome at the call with no need to register, get the link here.

The team at rOpenSci are in the process of expanding the scope of their software peer-review system to encompass explicitly statistical software. As part of this they have developed new tools to help prepare software for submission. One of these, the autotest package, implements and automates rigorous testing of all function inputs, while another, the srr package, enables documentation of, and reporting on, how and where code meets our sets of category-specific standards. Developers of packages to be submitted to this newly expanded system will be expected to apply both of these tools prior to submission.

This one-hour event will provide an introduction to the project and feature developers who have helped to test and refine the tools, and will feature a live walk-through of the processes of applying these tools to a package.

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