End of the Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding

Posted by j.laird on 27 May 2022 - 9:30am

Research Software Camps logoToday is the final day of our Research Software Camp: Next Steps in Coding! Over the last two weeks we've focussed on improving computational and training skills through a variety of live sessions and online resources.

At the start of the Camp we held a Panel Discussion on Research software career paths and training needs - you can watch it on our YouTube channel. We have also run a variety of workshops aimed at a range of levels, from introductions to R and Python to developing intermediate research software skills. We launched our Learning to Code mentorship programme which is continuing until 22 July, where volunteer research software engineers are mentoring beginner learners to improve their coding skills and providing hands-on help and support post-training to develop specific computational skills.

We've also shared a variety of blog posts and guides which give handy tips and information to support you in taking the next steps in coding.

A massive thank you to everyone who was involved in running the different activities and making the Camp possible: our organising committee, volunteers who delivered the workshops, our panellists, Learning to Code mentors and our Software Surgery volunteers. Thank you also to everyone who has participated in the various activities!

About the Research Software Camps

The SSI runs free online Research Software Camps twice a year over the course of two weeks. Each Camp introduces and explores a different topic around research software. Content includes panel discussions, live Q&As, workshops, guides, blogs and more.

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