Celebrating 10 years of RSE!

Posted by j.laird on 22 March 2022 - 9:59am

birthday cakeIt's 10 years since the term Research Software Engineer was coined at the Collaborations Workshop 2012 and the RSE movement began! 

To celebrate Peter Schmidt has recorded a Code For Thought podcast episode called Happy birthday RSE in which he speaks to seven of the participants who took part in the workshop and hears how it all came about.

The guests are:

  • Neil Chue Hong MPhys FBCS, Director, Software Sustainability Institute and Senior 
  • Prof. Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director, The Software Sustainability Institute
  • Robert Haines, Head of Research IT, Uni Manchester
  • Dirk Gorissen, Product Manager
  • Rob Baxter, Director of Data Services, EPCC, University of Edinburgh
  • Ilian Todorov,  STFC UKRI
  • James Hetherington FBCS, Director, Advanced Research Computing Centre, University College London

But it's not just walking down memory lane. Even though, RSEs are now found in a number of research centres and universities across different countries, there is still lots to do. The challenges ahead range from creating attractive and sustainable career paths, securing funding, improving on diversity and others.

Listen to the podcast and join in the celebrations on Twitter using #RSE10Years.

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