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Posted by j.laird on 18 October 2021 - 9:46am
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As part of our upcoming Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet we will be running a Code Review Clinic. This will allow first time/beginner coders to get feedback on their code from an expert. 

If you've recently started writing your own code related to research and are looking for some feedback on your code then our Code Review Clinic is for you! The Code Review Clinic will run on week 2 (8-12 November 2021) of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet. There will be one session in the morning and one in the afternoon (both GMT) from Monday to Friday. 

In the application form, you'll be asked to describe the code and project (if available) you want to submit for review. We welcome applications from first time/beginner coders mostly, but we're accepting applications from other levels of expertise too. This is meant to be a welcoming space for beginner coders, and, as such, we welcome code at any stage of its development.

Visit the Code Review Clinic page for further information.

Apply to the Code Review Clinic

Applications close on Wednesday 27 October.

About the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet

Our autumn Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet will run for two weeks from 1 to 12 November 2021. We will focus on the uses of spreadsheets in research and the next steps into further use of software in research. Our events and resources will collate different perspectives, experiences, and best practice of the use of spreadsheets, as well as signpost to existing resources. 

Note that we will open registration to sessions separately, so attendees are welcome to attend some or all of them. All sessions and resources can be accessed freely and they’re aimed at anyone who’s working in research and research software. 

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