Announcing the SSI Event Organisation Guide

Posted by s.aragon on 14 December 2020 - 10:31am

Event Organistation Guide stages in a colourful background
Picture courtesy of Shoaib Sufi. 


The Software Sustainability Institute Event Organisation Guide (SSI-EOG) brings together years of experience of the SSI in organising events. In this guide, you will find different stages of the event organisation process from idea through feasibility, sign off, running your event project and closing down. The work covers in person workshop organisation, giving hints and tips on varied subjects such as venue, catering, budget, agenda, publicity and much more. 



The guide also includes an in-depth look at how we moved Collaborations Workshop 2020 (CW20) from an in-person event to take place entirely online due to the Covid-19 pandemic

You will also find links to helpful templates to help you assess venues, get started on a budget, think about your risk process and templates that help you run a virtual event.

The intention is to add to the EOG as we get more experience with running different types of events and to add to the templates we make available. We hope this will help others in the research software community, the wider research community and further afield.

The EOG is listed here in our guides section. You can read the guide on Read the Docs. If you’d like to raise any issues, offer suggestions or get involved, you can use the GitHub project associated with the guide. 


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