What happened at the Collaborations Workshop?

Posted by s.hettrick on 27 March 2012 - 1:42pm

Hall.jpgThe Institute's Collaborations Workshop 2012 (CW12) took place last week in the beautiful surroundings of the Queen's College, Oxford. The workshop saw 60 participants from all areas of research and software development come together to discuss issues that affect research, learn new lessons from other fields and work on collaborations. The hard work of the delegates led to a huge number of outcomes that will be shared with the research community.


The discussions at the workshop can all be tracked through the workshop's Google Group, which was part of our Email Everything strategy used to produce a searchable, long-lasting record of the workshop. At the end of their discussions, we asked participants to choose five important things that we could share with the rest of the research community.

One of the tenets of the workshop is that everything is online and, in keeping with that philosophy, a complete record of the workshop from photos to the menu from the conference dinner can be found either on the Collaborations Workshop page or in the workshop's archive.

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