The spreadsheet memes we can all relate to

Posted by j.laird on 8 November 2021 - 2:00pm

By Rachael Ainsworth, Research Software Community Manager, Software Sustainability Institute. Twitter: @rachaelevelyn.

This blog post is published as part of the Research Software Camp: Beyond the Spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous across academia and industry. Although mistakes can have real world consequences from genomics to austerity, sometimes you just have to laugh at the day-to-day trials and tribulations of trying to get spreadsheets to just. work. I have compiled below a selection of spreadsheet memes from around the internet, most of which of course relate to date formatting errors.

Spreadsheets in popular memes

Meme based on Phoebe and Joey from Friends: ME VS EXCEL ASSUMING NUMBER IS A DATE
Source: Starecat

More on spreadsheets turning entries into dates 

Other common spreadsheet experiences

cartoon showing an angel and demon on either side of a computer-user. The angel is encouraging them to avoid spreadsheets and use real code while the devil is encouraging spreadsheets
Source: XKCD


Graph showing math skill vs stage of life. Math skill increases through school and college stages then drops at job stage as they use spreadsheets
Source: Pearls of Raw Nerdism


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