Neil Chue Hong

Neil Chue Hong

Neil is the founding Director and Principal Investigator of the Software Sustainability Institute, and is based at the University of Edinburgh. He enables research software users and developers to drive the continued improvement and impact of research software, and is responsible for representing both the Institute and UK researchers at a national and international level.

Within the organisation, he oversees operations, contributes to policy development, develops and manages collaborations, and acts as the principal liaison with stakeholders. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Open Research Software, the current Advisory Council chair of the Software Carpentry Foundation, co-editor of "Software Engineering for Science", co-author of "Best Practices for Scientific Computing" and "An Open Science Peer Review Oath", and chair of the EPSRC Strategic Advisory Team on e-Infrastructure. His current research interests include barriers and incentives in research software ecosystems and the role of software as a research object.

Graduating with an MPhys in Computational Physics from the University of Edinburgh, he began his career at EPCC, becoming Project Manager there in 2003. During this time he led the Data Access and Integration projects (OGSA-DAI and DAIT), and collaborated in many e-Science projects, including the EU FP6 NextGRID project.

From 2007-2010, Neil was Director of OMII-UK, which provided and supported free, open-source software to the UK e-Research community. During this period, he was also Technical Manager of the JISC-funded NeISS social simulation project and the Project Manager of the JISC-funded ENGAGE initiative to undertake small, directed interventions in the development of software supporting researchers.

He sits on or has sat on several related advisory boards, including the EPSRC e-Infrastructure SAT; EPSRC STFC SLA Steering Committee; Software Carpentry Foundation Advisory Council; SESC / CCPForge; Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure; ISSF Open Research Project Board; BIS e-Infrastructure Leadership Council Software Taskforce; BBSRC ENWW-BSC People and Skills Working Group; ASEArch CCP, Future Compute, the Water Science Software Institute, and e-Research South. 

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