David Snelling

David Snelling photo

Assistant Division Manager, Information Systems Division, Fujitsu

EMEA Technical Work Group Vice-Chair, The Green Grid

Dr. David Snelling received his Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Architecture from Manchester University in 1993. His undergraduate and masters’ degrees are from the University of Denver. Since 1997, Dr. Snelling has been employed by Fujitsu as a research project manager in computer architecture, distributed systems, and energy efficiency technologies. Prior to joining Fujitsu, he worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Universities of Manchester and Leicester. His primary research interests focus on large-scale, complex, distributed systems, including their design, management, and environmental impact.

As one of the primary architects of the Unicore Grid, a member of the European Commission's Expert Groups on Next Generation Grids and Cloud Computing, a member of The Green Grid, and an active member of the W3C, OGF, DMTF and OASIS standards development organizations, Dr. Snelling has played a central role in the development of distributed systems technology in Europe and around the world.