Yadira Sánchez

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University of Southampton


My interests and passions are grounded in collective, inclusive and remedial ranges of sociotechnical and imagined possibilities. I love collective collaboration and co-creation of spaces of learning and sharing, imagining and creating tequiologías whereby community care and our own collective narratives are part of these sociotechnical possibilities too.

My work

I am an interdisciplinary PhD student at the CDT for AI for the Future of Society and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton. My research focuses on building sociotechnical systems foregrounded in participatory action research and designing with the communities. Currently working on collective projects around technological rewriting in the Mexican context; technological resistances and cares workshops to algorithmic harms with colleagues from Latin America and as part of a research residency with Virtual Care Lab. Previously engaged in organizing of events and workshops with Women in AI Ethics.

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