Emily Bell

Emily Bell

Loughborough University


  • Computational analysis of the global migration of news in the nineteenth century, including concept shift across multilingual newspaper corpora
  • Encouraging interoperability between cultural heritage collections
  • Linked Open Data and the semantic web
  • Digital methods for literary and historical analysis
  • Encouraging historians and literary scholars to engage in software development and good practice, fostering an inclusive and open research software community - Better software citation and recognition in the humanities

My work

I am a Research Associate in Digital Humanities at Loughborough University, working with M. H. Beals on a project titled ‘Empowering Users of Historical Digitised Newspapers Collections’. Our work aims to enable libraries to improve the choice and availability of historical newspapers, supporting a more informed technical and ethical use of collections by the public. I’ve worked at Loughborough since 2018 as a Digital Humanities researcher, and have training in Python, linked data and the semantic web, and geographic information system mapping.

My research on digitised newspapers involves working with the metadata of national collections, including the British Library, the national libraries of Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the Netherlands, and commercial providers, trying to foster interoperability across collections and help researchers develop new software projects that take into account the limitations and structures of the metadata. In 2020 I will be publishing a linked open dataset, visualisations, school resources, and an open access report to help users from different disciplines and backgrounds engage with digitised newspaper collections. At Loughborough, I’m part of the Media, Memory and History research group, Cultural Currents 1870-1930, and Digital Humanities@Lboro.

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