Aleksandra Pawlik

Aleksandra Pawlik

PhD student, the Open University


Scientific software development and the practices of the scientists who developing software, scientific software commercialisation and technology transfer.


My research interests evolve around scientific software development: I investigate the practices of scientists who develop software, the issues they encounter and their solutions. In particular, I am interested in scientist-developers who moved on from developing software solely for themselves to developing for others.

I think scientific community and software engineers who support scientific software development may learn a lot from the experiences of scientists who started as end-user developers and became developers for a wider community. I am also interested in scientific software commercialisation and technology transfer.

Scientists who decide to commercialise their software enter two, new areas: that of professional/commercial software development and business. In my research, I want to investigate and highlight how scientists could be supported in a successful transfer to the world of commercial software.

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