SSI Fellows Loïc Lannelongue and Lincoln Colling are among the organisers of the first Environmental Impacts of Computing in Health & Life Sciences Research Workshop, a free hybrid event which will take place on Tuesday 7 November online and in London at the Wellcome Trust.
Code review plays a crucial role in ensuring quality in the software development lifecycle, and it is a great practice for knowledge transfer within teams.
The Software Sustainability Institute (SSI) hosted its first ever hybrid Collaborations Workshop (CW23) in Manchester, UK, and online between May 2 and 4, 2023. CW23 brought together researchers, developers, funders, policymakers and teachers all gathered around the topic of sustainable technical, personal and career development in the research software community.
As technology advances, so does the field of research software engineering. With the emergence of large language models, such as OpenAI's GPT-4, the way we approach research and development has drastically changed.
We think people developing research software and involved in computing-intensive research can and should do more to address their environmental impacts.
Despite the vast importance of software, data, and notebooks (and other forms of digital output) in research and academia, the digital output itself is greatly undervalued in comparison to published papers.
No specific method or framework can be applied to all communities to ensure they are healthy. Communities have different aims and resources, and their members will have a range of skill sets and needs.
Research software security is a critical topic for ensuring researchers are using and developing code that is secure and reusable.
The Software Sustainability Institute has reached a decision to suspend recruitment activities for its Fellowship Programme 2024. The Programme will return in 2025, and recruitment is likely to resume around September 2024.
At the SSI’s Collaborations Workshop 2023, we examined the challenges of assessing research software outputs for academic evaluation in a fair and useful manner.
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