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Have you developed something useful, and want to build a community around it? Before you encourage people to find you and your project, you need to make both easily findable.
As part of the inaugural SSI Research Software Camp on research accessibility, we’ve gathered some useful resources. Research accessibility is a broad topic and this list gives a taster of the different areas.
The Software Sustainability Institute's inaugural Research Software Camp is underway, starting with a keynote talk on the Social Model of Inaccessibility.
Chris Hartgerink (Liberate Science) will deliver the keynote talk at our Research Software Camp on research accessibility. Register for the free live Q&A which follows.
The Research Software Camp on research accessibility will run from the 22 February to 5 March 2021. Please note that details will be added to the agenda in the lead up to the event and it is subject to minor changes.  All times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
The Software Sustainability Institute presents its inaugural Research Software Camp on research accessibility, from Monday 22 February to Friday 5 March 2021. This is a free online event encompassing live sessions, web resources (such as guides), and social media activities. 
Our inaugural online Research Software Camp on Research Accessibility will take place from 22 February to 5 March 2021.
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