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As we complete work with projects, we will write up each project as a case study.

By Mike Jackson, Software Architect.

My EPCC colleague, George Beckett, recently e-mailed me to comment that "I'm conscious that wikis typically deteriorate into a mess of conflicting/out-dated materials, if not managed closely". George asked whether the Institute had advice on good practices for using a wiki. So, for George and others with wiki worries, here are our top tips on using a wiki for a software project...

Software Outlook is a part of the EPSRC-funded SLA that focuses on software technologies that are vitally important to the development and optimisation of world-leading scientific software.  In this bulletin, they highlight their recent work and invite you to inform the Software Outlook workplan for 2016/2017.

2016/2017 Workplan

In order to ensure that Software Outlook targets topics that are of the greatest interest to SLA…

By Paul Graham, EPCC and Software Sustainability Institute.

We have a new project working with Dr Kasper Peeters of Durham University and his software, Cadabra: a computer algebra system which can perform symbolic algebraic computations in classical and quantum field theory. In contrast to other software packages, Cadabra is written with this specific application area in mind, and addresses points where the more general purpose systems are unsuitable or require excessive amounts of additional programming to solve the problems at hand.

Cadabra has extensive functionality for…

By Devasena Inupakutika, Steve Crouch and Richard Bradshaw

Computer simulations are a good way to study molecular interactions. There have been striking advances in the application of computer simulation to innovative complex systems that have shed light on phenomena across the breadth of modern chemistry, biology, physics and drug design. ProtoMS (short for Prototype Molecular Simulation) is one such major piece of Monte Carlo biomolecular simulation software. The Software Sustainability Institute is working with ProtoMS developers to review and…

By Steve Crouch, Consultancy Leader.

Our Open Call is our regular competition that provides developer effort and expertise - for free - to UK-based researchers.

The deadline for the latest Open Call is close: you must complete your application by close of business on 31 October 2013.

You can ask for our help improving your research software, your development practices, or your community of users and contributors (or all three!). Or if you have an interesting idea for new software that…

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