Mental health

As part of our Research Software Camp: Supporting Mental Health, SSI Research Associate and accredited mindfulness teacher  Anita Banerji ran a workshop on Befriending Your Inner Critic. The recordings of her talks and mindfulness sessions are now available to watch and listen to.
In this blog post SSI staff share their tips for team leads on how to look after their team.
The recording of our panel discussion on 'Managing stress in research software' is available to watch. 
Alys Kay opens up about impostor syndrome and how to overcome it.
If you have been accepted onto a post-graduate research degree, you deserve to be there.
Dr Ella Gale talks about managing their mental health based on personal experience.
A workshop on Befriending your inner critic will take place on Tuesday 15 November from 1 - 3pm GMT as part of our Research Software Camp: Supporting Mental Health.
A PhD student discusses the struggle of learning to deal with making mistakes.
SSI Fellow Dave Horsfall discusses his talk on mental health at RSECon22 and answers some of the questions that were asked.
Our next Research Software Camp will focus on exploring various aspects of mental health and wellbeing in research software, including causes of stress in research software, dealing with our inner critic through self-compassion, having difficult conversations, team culture, post-Covid hybrid working, isolation, and more. 
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