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SSI Fellow Nilani Ganeshwaran will be running a Library Carpentry workshop for beginners at Lancaster University on Wednesday November 9, 2022 from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm.
By Grai Calvey, Fiona Jones and Heather Cooper Drawing on Library Carpentry lessons, pedagogy and community.
By Phil Reed, Nilani Ganeshwaran, Jez Cope, Tim Dennis, Chris Erdmann, Silvia Di Giorgio, Tracy Teal The demand for Library Carpentry (LC) is increasing in many parts of the world. Organising, developing and delivering Library Carpentry workshops presents many challenges, some of which are more common in LC than in the other Carpentries programmes. On 26 June 2019 Phil Reed and Nilani Ganeshwaran led a CarpentryConnect Manchester workshop where we discussed ways to strengthen the LC community.

Registrations are now open for CarpentryCon 2018 in Dublin. The event will take place from 30th May to 1st June 2018. 

By Julianne Schneider, Data Curator

This post was originally published at the Software Carpentry website.

By James Baker, Lecturer in Digital History and Archives, University of Sussex, and Software Sustainability Institute Fellow

 Library Carpentry introduces librarians, repository and research data managers, metadata librarians and other information workers to fundamental skills around coding and data analysis and provides them with a platform for further self-directed learning, based on the the Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry progr

There are still some places left at the Data Carpentry for Social Scientists and Humanities workshop organised by the SSI Fellow 2016 Heather Ford at the University of Leeds on 21-22 November 2016. 

Library Carpentry (lead by the James Baker, Software Sustainability Institute Fellow 2015) wins the British Library Labs 2016 award for Teaching and Learning on 7th November 2016.

By Clare Playforth, Library assistant, The Library University of Sussex

I want to express how important I think software skills are for people who work in libraries and how I feel like more value should be placed on their development. We are in the business of information, creating it, archiving it, retrieving it, curating it and delivering it, so it is a constant source of mystery to me that we are often so bad at working with the systems, processes and software that enable this.

I accept that there are many different reasons that you might want to work in the information…

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