Collaborations workshop 2015

Collaborations Workshop 2015 (CW15) took place at the Oxford e-Research Centre, Oxford on 25-27 March 2015.

By Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead

Traditionally August is the holiday season here in the UK, but many good things can start or progress in a quiet period; especially exciting was the opening of the application period for the Institute’s 2016 Fellowship programme. Read on to find out what else happened in August.

The Institute's Collaborations Workshop 2015 (​CW15) was characterised in many ways, one of the ways was the word cloud that was used as our backdrop for the sessions.<

Open Access Mandate for Software

Reporter: James Hetherington ​

What are the management challenges of interdisciplinary research? How do we structure goals and rewards to involve the whole project? 

Name of Topic Owner: Farah Ahmed  Name of Topic Reporter: Janneke van der Zwaan  What are the five most important things learnt during this discussion: 

By Shoaib Sufi, Community Leader

The Collaborations Workshop 2015 (CW15) and Hackday lasted three short - but highly charged - days, and attracted over 85 people to work on interdisciplinary research. As the rich set of resources created at the event are written up, we will be releasing these short posts to share the outcomes and tools with the community.

The CW15 demos covered a vast array of subjects. From systems for creating data management plans (DMPonline), to new ways of packaging software, data, papers and other associated resources to…


(team leaders in Bold)

  1. ReciPy (1st Place)

Home page, Presentation slides and source code. 

By Shoaib Sufi, Community Lead.

The Collaborations Workshop 2015 (CW15) took place last week in Oxford. It brought together an electric and buzzing mix of people with an interest in research software, and was the biggest Collaborations Workshop to date.

An inspiring keynote, a raft of lightning talks, wide ranging discussions, demos and intense hacking, allowed people to explore new ideas and gain advice from experts. With funders, researchers, developers, publishers and managers in attendance, the workshop represented views from every position…

You could code all night and all day at the CW15 Hackday but you might be interested in knowing how you are going to be judged, if so - this page is for you!

Demo sessions gave an in depth look at a particular tool or approach and a chance to query developers and experts about how this might apply to attendees areas of work.

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