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We're proud to announce our Fellows 2023 cohort. Join us in welcoming the 18 new Software Sustainability Institute Fellows for 2023, plus six International Fellows—three through our International Fellowship pilot and three through a collaboration with Open Life Science!
By Raniere Silva, Software Sustainability Institute. Usually, Fellows would meet face to face for the first time during the Inaugural Meeting but this was a special year and some of them met during Collaborations Workshop 2019. On 21 May 2019, this year’s cohort of Fellows got together in Manchester to receive orientation from staff and introduce themselves to their peers.
*Applicants must be affiliated with a US-based institution that is able to receive funding from the US Department of Energy.* The Better Scientific Software (BSSw) Fellowship Program gives recognition and funding to leaders and advocates of high-quality scientific software.  The 2019 BSSw Fellowship applications will open on 4th September 2018.
By Julio Vega, University of Manchester. As part of my PhD where we are researching if we can use smartphone data to monitor the progression of Parkinson’s Disease, we found out that we had to go “Back to Analogue” as a paper diary was the best tool for patients to self-report their symptoms.

Everyone at the Software Sustainability Institute wishes our friends and colleagues all the best for the holiday season.

By Edward Fisher, Agile Tomography Group, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, and Software Sustainability Institute fellow

By Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director.

During an in-depth discussion about the Institute, Mike Jackson (our Software Architect) summarised our raison d'être by saying "Better software, better research". A simple four-word phrase that perfectly describes the Institute's philosophy. Until that date, no one was aware of Mike's gift for poetry.

Of course, such a snappy phrase had to be emblazoned on a T-shirt. But it wasn't until we started wearing the T-shirts that we discovered that Better Software, Better Research chimed with a lot of people in the research community,…

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