By Simon Hettrick, Deputy Director of the Software Sustainability Institute In the weeks running up to the RSE Conference, some colleagues and I will be providing our thoughts on the questions people have submitted for our panel discussion with senior university management about how RSEs are being supported within academia.

By Mike Croucher, SSI Fellow, Research Software Engineer and author of Walking Randomly.

William Stein, lead developer of the computer algebra system, Sage, and its cloud-based spin-off, SageMathCloud, recently announced that he was quitting academia to go and form a company. In his talk, William says "I can’t figure out how to create Sage in academia. The money isn’t there. The mathematical community doesn’t care enough. The only option left is for me to build a company."

By Lachlan Coin, Academic Karma and Associate Professor, University of Queensland.

In 2010, Jeremy Fox and Owen Petchey proposed an innovative idea – fix peer review by introducing a peer review currency, which they called PubCreds[1]. Fox and Petchey noted that peer review suffers from a tragedy of the commons , in which "individuals have every incentive to exploit the reviewer commons by submitting manuscripts, but little or no incentive to contribute reviews. The result is a system increasingly dominated by cheats (individuals who submit…

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