Guides for instructors, material developers & workshop hosts

Here you can find various resources to help you with training in general and, more specifically, organising and teaching at Carpentry workshops. 

Guidance for running online training  - Things to consider and actions to take before, during and after running an online training event.

How to run a Software/Data/Library Carpentry workshop - A Carpentry workshop is a short course during which participants learn software skills based on shorts tutorials and hands-on practical exercises. This guide tells you everything you need to know about running your own Carpentry workshop.

Hosting a Software Carpentry boot camp: top tips 

What is Library Carpentry?

Top tips for instructors at a Software Carpentry workshop

Top tips for helpers at Software Carpentry workshop

Instructor training

How I learned to stop worrying and started to love teaching software skills

Why the information profession needs Library Carpentry

Event Organisation Guide

A Guide on Recording Screencasts, Online Training and Events and Live Streaming - a guide on planning and processing recordings of online sessions.

CSCCE’s Using virtual events to facilitate community building: event formats - a guidebook intended for scientific community managers, event organisers and convenors who are looking to design engaging and inclusive virtual events

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