How to get involved

The Carpentries work to help institutions and individuals improve and spread skills for data analysis, computational thinking and research software development through building volunteer local and global communities of practice.

You can get involved in various activities and levels and contribution of any kind is welcomed and valued: 

  • Helpers - helping at workshops
  • Workshop administrators and hosts - organising workshop and providing local organisation support
  • Trainers - teaching new instructors
  • Mentors - supporting instructors as they build their skills
  • Lesson developers - creating new lessons
  • Lesson maintainers - supporting existing lessons
  • Lesson infrastructure - supporting lesson building and styling
  • Curriculum advisors - guiding development of existing and new lessons
  • Assessment - helping The Carpentries understand their impact
  • Champions - working to spread The Carpentries' impact locally

Various ways how you can get involved, contribute or join the community are explained at The Carpentries website. Various resources about how the community operates and a good explanation of all things Carpentries are available through The Carpentries Handbook.

Read the blog post "More than a workshop" on other ways out there to participate in the Carpentries community or check:

Finally, you can email us for more information.