After fielding a rather difficult question about choosing the right software, Steve reflects on the questions that you should ask before adopting new software.

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One of developers was recently asked "What software should I use to run my project?".

How's that for a difficult question? In fact, it's pretty much impossible to give a definitive answer, because it depends on what you want, who you are, the project you run, the users you have and many, many other variables. Choosing the right software is a matter of following a process and asking the right questions, and that is the subject of our latest guide: Choosing the…

Colin Semple, one of our Agents, discusses this year's ISMB: the largest yearly conference of the bioinformatics community. The deluge of data continues in the bioinformatics community with the success of new techniques such as high-throughput sequencing. Colin takes a look at some of the HTS software that was showcased at the conference.

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Kathryn Rose, one of our Agents, describes a new database and software for cataloguing the some of the over 8,500 currently known species found in the Antarctic.

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Kristy Revell, one of our Agents, talks to UCL’s Dr Muki Haklay about the benefits of Open Street Mapping in Africa, and some of the issues it has raised.

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Aleksandra Pawlik, one of our Agents, describes how a group of scientists managed to turned around a decaying software project.

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Heather Packer, one of our Agents, asks whether current facial recognition software could help identify criminals.

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Predictive algorithms could improve the survival rate of patients who have suffered head injuries. Laura Moss, one of our Agents, describes the Avert-IT project.

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Software development will benefit from a £145 million boost to improve Britain’s e-infrastructure, which was recently announced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Vanesa Magar, one of our Agents, describes the Met Office's weather simulation software.

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