Upcoming workshops on graphical user interfaces for research software

Posted by j.laird on 14 April 2021 - 10:00am

"Graphical user interfaces for Research Software"Registration is open for a Workshop on Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) for Research Software, running from 27 - 29 April. The workshop aims to help developers lose their reluctance to invest time creating a GUI for their research software.

There is also a second workshop scheduled for 22 - 24 June, and registration will open on 4 May. In these workshops Diego Alonso Álvarez, SSI Fellow and Senior RSE at Imperial College London, will help developers to better understand the importance of GUIs for research software and encourage them to lose their fear - or reluctance - to invest time creating them.

A GUI helps to reduce the learning curve for using software, increases the base of potential users and can ultimately increase citations and impact. Moreover, a well-designed GUI can perform validation and increase the robustness and reproducibility of the results, productively decoupling developers from users. The workshops are for anyone who develops research software as part of their work, in any role, academic level and department.

Registration is open for the first workshop on Eventbrite.

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